Le Seb to stay at STR?

Le Seb
If the rumors are true, then I say STR has made the right choice. Keeping Le Seb is the right thing to do in my opinion as he deserves a second chance at F1 stardom. I am not a Le Seb sycophant or big fan from the CHAMP car days but he showed all of us that he can drive an F1 car and deserves a chance to show it.

Taku had his chance(s). I grew tired of hearing about his multi-millions in sponsor money when Super Aguri couldn’t find cash to keep going. It seems the global crisis has finally put Taku out to pasture and now Le Seb can actually show the world what a highly motivated Frenchman can do…besides serve the resistance, hate America, riot, burn cars or surrender.

It is reported by the Swiss magazine Speedweek, with close links to the team’s owner Red Bull, that Toro Rosso selected Bourdais over the other candidate for the seat, Takuma Sato.

The French website sport24.com speculated that Sato’s expected personal sponsorship may have dwindled as the Japanese recession worsens.

Bourdais’ manager Nicolas Todt would not confirm the news but insisted that “we are always in negotiations”.

Moreover, the official website of the Ferrari-powered team is now showing Bourdais and Buemi as the drivers in the ‘team’ section.

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