Leaking F1 Secrets | Podcast Ep 805

Join Grace and me as we discuss Mario Andretti, or THE Andretti, McLaren, how Formula 1 makes money, how teams make money, the cost cap certification drama, the leaked information about the cost cap as well as our Albon’s Cats section with Todd’ “No $#*&” headlines.

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Totally missed the Andretti/Brown drive, do we know if Zak signed him up as well?

I believe the issue with Williams is that they lodged their paperwork late.

Paul Kiefer

Re: Going over vs. someone finding out you went over: Isn’t this kinda like asking what is the greater sin? If so, aren’t we supposed to treat all sins as equal?

Xean Drury

I have been waiting and hoping against hope that that one day HULK and MAG would be team mates. And that day is (almost) here! Oh man, I sometimes think that Haas is like, “Screw it. Let’s go for Netflix ratings.” ~X8


Question: If Max is champion and clearly Red Bull is already there too… why not shut down Red Bull’s Max’s car and save money???


Great job as usual. At @22 mins in you were saying why not give Dan a drive in Indy? I think that ship sailed around August mainly (IMO) due to Dans ego. https://www.foxsports.com.au/motorsport/formula-one/mclaren-boss-zak-browns-indycar-offer-the-final-insult-for-sacked-daniel-ricciardo/news-story/9bac248d72d4edaafab3680b8ffdd63f