Leclerc has $320,000 watch stolen in Italy

Do you remember when Lando Norris had his prototype Richard Mille watch stolen at the Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium last year?

How about the time former F1 owner Bernie Ecclestone had his Hublot watch stolen as he was mugged on his doorstep. Do you remember the advertisement he was in with a black eye and busted lip promoting Hublot right after the incident?

According to reports, now you can ad Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc who had his watch stolen off his wrist in the Tuscan city of Viareggio in Italy this week. It seems a crowd quickly formed for autographs and a thief managed to take the watch off his wrist during the scrum.

The Richard Mille watch was worth $320,000 and local police have opened an investigation. Thankfully Charles is ok but this kind of mugging and thieving for a watch is a shame.

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In a perfect world these things wouldn’t happen… But sadly we are a long long way from that these days. The simple answer if for people like Charles and Lando to leave their ridiculously expensive watches at home if they’re planning to go out in public. These watches that they’ve likely been given for free can be worth many years of annual salary to some people, so you can guarantee there are going to be opportunists willing to take the risk.