L’Equipe: No Red Bull roll out until March

It seems that Red Bull have Adrian Newey working light days or Adrian has designed a masterpiece of technology that will take several more weeks to finish. This according to L’Equipe. It seems that Red Bull Racing will not unveil their new car, and the car technology for STR, until March. This gives them one test session in which to shake down the new car for the first race of the season in Australia.

Red Bull was already put behind schedule with the broken leg of Mark Webber and now this leaves Sebastian Vettel very little time to shake down a car that, as we all know, has the potential for greatness or over-achiever status under the design of Adrian Newey. Bold has a new meaning at Adrian’s office and it seems we were all hoping the new Red Bull would escape form the lab and show itself but alas, all good things…

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