Let the battle begin!

Le Mans

There is a storm brewing for this weekend.  Last year saw the first serious attempt (no offense Henri) to take away Audi’s  “king of Le Mans” moniker.  After dominating the series for several years, Audi got a taste of a real challenge.Peugeot have seen Audi’s diesel R10 and upped the stakes with their own oil burner…and so far, they’re faster!

This is all leading up to an incredible race this weekend.  But Audi have a couple aces up their sleeves.  Veteran racer Allan McNish told the Sun:

“To be honest the Peugeots are quicker than us and maybe they are pre-race favourites.

“But Audi has the strategy and experience to win a 24-hour race and Peugeot will have to be very, very good to beat us. It’ll be a battle of the titans, that’s for sure.”

Part of that strategy?  Allan is teamed up with Dindo Capello and 7-time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen.  That is a lineup like no other…except that Peugeot has found their own driving ace, ex-Formula 1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve.  If you are alive this weekend; there is no excuse for not having the race on.  Oh, and as a side note?  A little team called Penske that races a P2 class car called a Porsche has been giving Audi and Peugeot all they want and actually winning overall category in some ALMS races.  That big news is compounded when you know that they are beating P1 contenders.  Can’t wait!

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