Let’s roll! The KingsBridge BCP TPF F1 Fantasy GP game

In conjunction with our title sponsor, KingsBridge BCP, we are excited to announce the 2020 TPF Fantasy GP league.

As we get the 2020 Formula 1 season started, we’re excited about our Fantasy GP game and we hope you are too!

We have our own league set up here. You will need to create an account and join the TPF league using the access code below.

TPF League Access Code: 18425015

Now here’s the good news, the folks at KingBridge have created a bespoke standings page to make it very easy to see who is leading after each race. You can find the new landing page right here.

So go ahead! Sign up! You think you got what it takes to beat Paul and Grace? Can you de-throne last year’s champion, Skip Williams? Let’s see what you got!

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