Lewis at Ferrari, Andretti at home | Podcast Ep 874

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Grace and me as we discuss Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari and F1’s denial of Andretti to Formula 1.

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  • Character development is crucial in creating compelling narratives in sports documentaries.
  • Daytona is an iconic track in NASCAR and should have been given more historical context and significance in the series.
  • Exploring the rich history of NASCAR could have made the series more engaging and informative.
  • The comparison to a MotoGP game highlights the potential for more captivating storytelling in motorsports content.
  • The lack of interest and disappointment expressed by the conversation participants suggests that the series failed to meet their expectations.


00:00Introduction and Patreon Support
05:00Lewis Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari
13:00Lewis Hamilton’s Motivation
18:00Ferrari’s Role and Decision
27:00Driver Harmony and Team Dynamics
33:00Mercedes’ Decision and Challenges
36:07The Impact of Lewis Hamilton’s Departure on Mercedes
46:36Speculation on the Replacement for Lewis Hamilton
51:47Controversy Surrounding Andretti’s Rejection from F1
01:03:09Allegations Against Christian Horner
01:05:50Review of NASCAR’s Drive to Survive Series
01:09:26The Lack of Character Development for Denny Hamlin
01:10:21The Importance of Daytona
01:11:38The Missed Opportunity to Explore NASCAR’s History
01:12:37Comparison to MotoGP Game
01:13:27Overall Disappointment and Lack of Interest
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Paying Lewis too much? Depends what they are paying him for. Fastest growing supercar and high-end market for Ferrari? Arabia and Africa. Both are Lewis’ forte. Lewis is linked to the youth around the world through his music “pals” and 44 project. I am pretty sure his fee will be split… driving $X and PR/Promotion longer term $XX.


MB could not make a long term deal with Lewis because I fear Toto is on the outs within a year. MB may not feel the investment in F1 is a good idea any more. They have dropped out of F1 before and Stuttgart (and Berlin) have rumors in local media about the board being less enthusiastic about huge changes coming. Also, I wanted to add this: 2026 is indeed a huge change and it’s coming soon!… and if Toto may drop out in 2025 end and Christian may be in trouble… Ferrari may rise again (and this may also… Read more »


You keep making comparisons between the hoops Andretti is being asked to jump through and those that applied to Haas when they entered. The big difference is F1 is now run by Liberty Media. They have imposed many changes on the sport, increasing the number of races at mostly temporary street circuits. Although they have presided over a significant financial growth for the sport I don’t think the changes have been entirely positive. I find it odd that the Americanisation of the sport has made it harder for an American team to enter.


I think to spice things up further Ferrari need to replace Vassuer with Steiner!