Lewis ‘blew it’…has anyone seen Dulcinea lately?

This weekend was most likely one Lewis Hamilton would like to forget and judging by the reaction from his boss, Niki Lauda, he’d like to forget it too. As Niki poked and shrugged in the garage on Saturday after watching Hamilton fail to make it to Q3, Lewis himself quickly admitted that he blew it during qualifying.

As the stewards assessed that Adrian Sutil balked Hamilton on the lead up to his final attempt in Q2, the team also quickly pointed to under-car damage from an off that Lewis had in the session as well. Armed with team insight and steward corrective action, the press promptly set about explaining away Hamilton’s poor performance on Saturday.

Then came Sunday.

Lewis had a difficult start as his radio stopped working and he didn’t know he had a slow puncture until he finally stopped early for new tires. This placed him on a two-stop strategy that was one stop more than the other series-leading drivers…except Kimi Raikkonen.

A poor starting position and a slow puncture scuttled Hamilton’s hope of a good showing in Monza. But there reaction from the Brit, while very self-effacing, was one we seem to have seen before.

You have to admire a guy who makes no excuses for his performance. Lewis plainly stated that he drove like an “idiot” in qualifying and then said that he “blew it” on Sunday:

“I blew it in qualifying and it was just impossible to catch up.

“I gave my all. It’s so hard when you’re empty of energy and you’ve given your all for two points. That’s it for the championship.

“The team did a great job and I didn’t deliver this weekend. I’ve got to go away, reset and try to recover in the next race.

“Overall a disaster of a weekend.”

While no one wants to hear a despondent Lewis say his title chances are over, the 2008 world champ backpedaled on his statement later saying that all hope was not lost and he would sally forth on his quest of tilting at windmills. The question I have is, “has anyone seen Dulcinea lately”.

In this case, Dulcinea is Nicole Scherzinger and Hamilton’s break-up was front-page news for time and an evening. I’m unclear on what may have had Lewis’s head in the clouds this weekend, if anything, but the last time I saw this kind of Lewis Hamilton, he was reeling with personal issues all centered around what seems to be a tempestuous relationship with a Pussycat Doll. Thank you Simon for bringing this to our world of F1.

At the end of the day, McLaren suffered with the difficult personal issues in 2011. Mercedes surely didn’t make a job offer and ask him to bring personal issues along with him like a Coach tote bag full of despair. On the other hand, who hasn’t been smitten, in love and spurned? (If you haven’t, you’re not doing it right). Anyone who has knows the feeling all too well and it does tend to obfuscate life from time to time.

Let’s hope that Lewis just had the off weekend and there is nothing to worry about. Let’s hope Mercedes has patience for that kind of thing. Let’s hope that consistency is a character trait that will take roost in the Hamilton psyche and remain for the duration of his career. If it doesn’t, not talent in the world will compensate for weekend’s like this one when so much money is on the line.

Mercedes most likely don’t give a damn about his scorned heart or unrequited love. What they pay him millions for is to win races. Mercedes lost 2nd in the Constructor’s Championship this weekend and it wasn’t Nico Rosberg’s 6th place that did it. Ferrari are not 3 points ahead and Mercedes will be keen to see Lewis return to form in Singapore.

The good news? If I know Lewis, he’ll be all that and more come two weeks. He’s a brilliant driver and perhaps this weekend will show him that no matter what is happening personally, he still has a job to do and a race to win. That is the brass ring, nothing else.

No sense in pissing all over life when you’ve barely had a chance to live it. Chin up Lewis, focus mate. Keep your eye on the prize and the rest will fall into place.

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