Lewis Hamilton: F1’s first viral superstar?

I’ve just picked up on this one, and I will leave it to F1B readers to navigate through everything… but… it looks like Lewis Hamilton is the star of a viral piece of marketing.

You have your choice of entries:



Based on the Twitter account, the campaign goes back to Feburary 20th. And as of about 8:30 p.m. GMT on March 24th, only 205 people have discovered the Twitter account. [I suspect that’s about to change, and no, not because of F1B, although we probably will help. It looks like other outlets are finally wise to this.]

The website suggests that Lewis is secretly part of an art theft ring. He’s got a few partners (including “you” as the visitor who joins up).

Of course, there’s also the copyright Reebok insignia, which starts to tear away the veil a bit.

Given the link to “Training,” I think we can expect a focus on Lewis and his Reebok shoes, sweats and other equipment.

But that’s what viral marketing is all about, and this one looks fairly clever. We’ll see. At the least, it is a step further than what other F1 teams and drivers have done… as far as I know. [Cue dramatic art theft ring music.]

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