Lewis Hamilton on everyone’s mind

It’s Monday and that means we star our week with lots of Lewis hamilton news. Things such as how he can win the title, how he’ll be a factor in China and how McLaren are like low-rent, uni-brow hoodlums without him. First up, former Formula One driver James Watson:

“The big teams are benefitting from having two drivers with lots of experience and race victories under their belt and I think McLaren, at least in the short term, are losing out.”

Yes, Watty isn’t sold on the Sergio Perez hype and why should he be, it’s only been a couple of races and Perez has been average… or is that the car? Do you reckon Hamilton would have been on the podium with the 2013 McLaren chassis in Australia or Malaysia?

Next up, Sir Jackie Stewart:

“There’s no question that Lewis holds the upper hand because he’s had more success – he’s had more race wins and a championship. He’s also started the season well. Nico has won a race [in China last season], but he has yet to follow that up.

“Mercedes have got themselves a very expensive driver and they’ll want him to do well.

“They’ve got the people who Lewis feels will be good for the team. [Technical director] Paddy Lowe is coming from McLaren and I’m sure part of the reason is because Lewis is there.

“Nico is a skilled and talented driver and he may well be better on his tyres but he would have learned his lesson in Malaysia that you can’t leave it until the last minute to try and take the initiative. It’ll be interesting to see how he responds.”

So Lewis is actually the number one driver at Mercedes according to Stewart and Nico, while a tidy driver, should have read the tea leaves and made the move on Hamilton way before the end of the race when prudence took over and forced the team to call the race and tell their drivers to hold station. Is that how you see it?

Next up, Allan McNish:

“It was clear that Hamilton was the quickest guy on the grid last year and I’m not surprised he’s had the upper hand over Rosberg in qualifying because I do believe that Hamilton is the fastest guy over one lap. He has brought a fresh lease of life to the team.”

“Just look at that conversation over the radio,” McNish told BBC Sport.

BBC’s Allan McNish even thinks Lewis is the favored driver at Mercedes… if you weren’t inclined to believe Sir Jackie (after all, Max Mosley did call him a certified half-wit). Does this sound about right? Is it possible for everyone involved in F1 to know this except Nico Rosberg?

Before we get too down on Nico and over the top with our Lewis love, his own boss Ross Brawn has weighed in on their chances at China this weekend:

“We always seem to go quite well at China and Nico in particular is very strong there,” Brawn said.

“It seems to be a track that suits him and it’s a track which is front-tyre limited because of the nature of the corners. It’s not rear-tyre limited, and possibly over the past few years we’ve been a bit weak in terms of rear-tyre durability.

“I think that’s better now.”

Now that seems like a measured comment and most complimentary of Rosberg who does well in China and if Mercedes can have the pace to be there or thereabouts, Nico could stand to do very well indeed.

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