Lewis Hamilton promotes F1 more than any other driver

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Whether it’s self promotion or not, Lewis Hamilton reckons he’s done more to promote Formula 1 than any other driver in its history. In an interview by CNN, Hamilton said:

“I actually probably promote the sport more than any other driver ever has.

“I’m at more events talking about Formula 1 more than any driver ever has – probably all the other drivers put together and more.

“So I don’t feel like I have any more of a responsibility.

“I’ve got some incredible fans and I give as much time as I can to motivate them and energize those who do follow me. So I don’t know what else I have to give to.

“I’ve been there for 10 years. Love the sport. Given my blood, sweat and tears for the sport.

“So no, I don’t feel like I owe it anything.”

In many ways, I agree with him. Other drivers through history have been adept at using the tools they had at the time to discuss Formula 1 but with the pervasive use of social media, Hamilton reaches millions of followers who then share with millions of followers.

Hamilton’s use of these mediums is a key to just how effective it can be used to promote F1 but there is an element that applies to Lewis which wouldn’t necessarily be applicable to F1 should it start a more robust social media campaign and that can be boiled down to one word—celebrity.

Lewis has taken a cue from his Hollywood A-list friends and used his social media channels and celebrity status to promote himself and create a fan base that rivals that of musicians and actors. His attachment of other celebrities he runs with is a fabric that makes his media footprint a compelling vehicle for his brand.

F1 does have its own A-list, however, and could work with drivers and teams to generate compelling content that would go far in promoting the series. It may be more niche than Lewis’s broad appeal but effective nonetheless.

Hat Tip: CNN


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Maybe that’s what Lewis’ next job should be for FOM – Social Media Guru…

There’s no denying that he’s been masterful in building an image for and around himself with social media, which is amazing considering how tightly controlled the sport can be at times…

Then again, a blind three toed sloth with three paws tied behind it’s back would be better at social media than FOM.

Peter Riva

Measurement statistics – it all comes down to measuring value and worth. Bernie is measuring $$. The FIA is measuring power and prestige. Teams are measuring ROI. Drivers are measuring scored points. The problem with what Hamilton is saying is that his outreach (and yes, it is expansive on many fronts) is that it cannot be quantified for Bernie (the poorer people Hamilton reaches in the millions don’t buy Bernie’s tickets), it cannot be quantified for the FIA because Hamilton’s followers are movers and shakers in the governing circles, it cannot be quantified as ROI for the teams since Hamilton… Read more »

charlie white

How many F1 drivers have been interviewed and profiled on “60 Minutes”? And Lewis got to go to the Grammys with Rihanna’s entourage.


When he writes a book of more than 140 characters, maybe I’ll listen.


If you have any reservations on the impact of social media vs. 60 minutes or a book you may purchase at a book store (if you can find one), realize you are reading a BLOG!


Pardon me, but blogs aren’t social media, unless you think that Usenet is/was social media? It’s been around for >30 years.

No pictures of my dog wearing a hat here, or fizzy drinks on the beach, no tweets about what I’m having for breakfast today or why my Uber driver is a slob.

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