Lewis Hamilton to Brawn GP?

Anthony Hamilton
With the advent of the lying scandal ahead of McLaren and suggested damaged relationships between the Hamilton camp and his team; rumors are flying about where Lewis would actually go. The Telegraph is hinting at Brawn GP as a savory combination with two Brit’s at the helm of the most successful British team in F1 this year.

Wait a minute! If I am Jenson I would say hell no!! I also am reticent on this entire issue as it is exactly what Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone want and need right now. Create controversy, scandal and disunity among teams (FOTA) and suppliers through cockamamie regulation changes such as 2009’s debacle and then take the ball bat at McLaren again (not that it isn’t justified due to their lying but come on!) and then get the current champ over at Brawn GP where Norbert Haug and Mercedes are in the midst of moving their lounge chairs from the McLaren garage. You see? This couldn’t have happened at a better time for Max and Bernie. Tumult among the paddock and get suppliers to question loyalties amongst teams.

Here is where FOTA could offer a death blow or get blown away(it pains me to suggest that and even pains me more that Anthony Hamilton could have something to do with it). They could rally behind McLaren and get Mercedes eye back on the ball at Macca and give the proverbial middle to the FIA and FOM. If they persist down this road and play into Max’s Hamilton-gambit working along side Anthony, who at this point seems to be the most meglomaniacal, self-serving guy on the grid, they will only weaken their position. FOTA needs to remain strong and unified in their defense of each other no matter the cost. If Hamilton walks, so be it. All teams should refuse to pick Hamilton up as a driver if Anthony is calling around. When McLaren is suffering, Anthony looks for a reason to move immediately to the fastest team. He isn’t wise enough to know this will backfire and hasn’t made enough money yet to fend off the legal suits that would follow. Recall Schumacher left Benetton for Ferrari and suffered there for a few years until the team became a juggernaut. Not that easy Ant!

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