Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton could be on the verge of making a shock move to Ferrari for the 2025 season according to reports. Certainly this has the social media and sports world buzzing about the prospect as it comes on the heels of Lewis inking a fresh 2-year deal with Mercedes last year but assumptions are that there is an escape clause in his contract.

There’s an old axiom in F1 that every driver dreams of driving for Ferrari at one point or another such is the history of the Ferrari name in motorsport. Lewis himself has talked about that prospect in the past but despite overtures to Hamilton from Ferrari over the years, the 7-time champ hasn’t made the move.

The report suggests the discussions are int he final stages and could be concluded later this week. It’s interesting timing on this deal as Lewis just switched his management team as well.

What doe sit all mean? I might mean that Carlos Sainz—who has yet to extend his contract beyond 2024 while Charles Leclerc just extended his on a multi-year deal—might be the open seat for Lewis.

It also means that there would be a seat open at Mercedes and you have to consider there will be many interested in that seat. One wonders if Lando Norris might not be a candidate or Oscar Piastri. One might suggest that Carlos Sainz would be interested along with just about every other driver on the grid including Alex Albon.

Lewis had made moves in the past that were worrying for fans such as moving from McLaren to Mercedes but he read the tea leaves perfectly with that move so could Ferrari be on the verge of a potential championship-winning car? No secret Lewis is looking for his 8th title, the question is, could Ferrari provide it.

I also think Lewis’s idea of retiring and remaining on the Mercedes payroll with a similar salary for his off-track efforts and social media platform may not be something that’s realistic.

Let’s be honest, as many drivers close in on retirement, the thought of replacing a $40M/yr salary becomes very elusive and many will make a fundamental move to continue their income and lifestyle. Perhaps Ferrari represents a continuation of the income Lewis is used to? Just guessing here. It might be a good option if he felt Mercedes weren’t willing to go beyond his on-track compensation levels.

The bigger question might be less about Lewis’s motivation for moving to Ferrari but just how well he might fit in at the Scuderia given they have a lead driver in Charles Leclerc. Charles is very talented and very hungry to win a title and I can see some conflict of interest there.

For George Russell at Mercedes, I think this would be great news. Not having Lewis there means the team would not be hyper-focused on Hamilton’s title pursuit and more focused on getting George his first title.

Mercedes beat Ferrari in the championship last year so let’s see if this rumor comes true and if Ferrari can deliver a race-winning car for Charles and Lewis. Then, let’s see how Charles reacts to that intra-team battle.

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This feels very old school. Like a deal Bernie would broker to help the grid circulate.

I love it as it adds a new narrative for the F1 season


Hamilton and Wolff’s contracts have been signed together in recent renewals. Could Lewis’s departure cause Toto to reevaluate his commitment to the team? Perhaps Mercedes have gotten fed up of the team’s recent drop in performance, and Hamilton has decided to jump before the manufacturer pulls the plug? Personally I can’t see Ferrari being in a position to get Hamilton his 8th title. The team hasn’t been short of driving talent since they last won the title, but they have consistently underperformed given their resources. While the UK based teams were concerned when Enzo died that the team would now… Read more »

Paul Kiefer

That brings two possible questions into play? Are the employees at Mercedes starting to jump ship because of the possibility of them pulling out of F1 and/or selling the team. I have no idea why they would, but I’m willing to entertain least likely possibilities given the circumstances. Is there a youth movement going on at Mercedes. If so, is Wolff clearly aware of this and may be looking into other employment options given that his head may be on the chopping block? I’d certainly be willing to hear the answers to those questions not just from Wolff but from… Read more »


Well it’s all signed now and announced.
I wonder what Lewis saw at Mercedes that he felt wouldn’t give him more titles.
It also just seems way early to announce it, like really early. Maybe someone was about to leak it.
Albon to Merc? Alex and George do get along.


This is really BIG news, my local newscast mentioned it and they very rarely report on auto racing, and in reading about Mercedes stock going up, a financial news site mentioned it. They didn’t explain how it effects their profits.

Worthless Opinion

You could be right but i suspect the biggest issue is trying to find a winning car as his window for the record breaking title narrows. I’m not saying he’s right, just that i think it’s what he’s after. Customer teams were sticking it to Merc last year, it wasn’t encouraging and sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. If you feel like one option has a zero percent chance, as the great sailor Carlton Mitchell said, gambling becomes conservative policy.

Paul Kiefer

Thing is: Going to Ferrari would be considered a step down. Given their tactical blunders, would you want to put your life into the hands of a team that makes mistakes?

Worthless Opinion

If you think the car you’re in is simply incapable of the speed, and you have such belief in yourself you think your presence can solve anoter team’s probems – a team whose car perhaps DOES have the potential, then yes. You would.