Lewis is back | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 769

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. Lewis is back, Masi is human, Haas is F1 proto in disguise and much more.

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Paul Kiefer

Re Haas Car: At least it’s nothing like the UPC code we keep seeing in testing.

Xean Drury

Fun show as always. Thank you for being a champion to Mr. Massi. One questionable choice made in seconds in a stressful situation should not define a person, whether one agrees with it or not. Being any sort of ‘referee’ is an often thankless position, yet without these folk, who take it on the chin every event, the sport would be pure chaos and altogether unpleasant to watch. ~X8


I have a thought why the FIA didn’t immediately resolve the rules and post a response… They were waiting out Lewis. Imagine if they immediately posted a conclusion that Masi was 100% right… Lewis may have hammered them by retiring. And F1 $ boys would not have liked that. Maybe they were treading water waiting to see what Lewis did.


If I were Lewis I WOULD WANT the beginning of the season have to hash out the last race. Good psychology versus your arch rival.

Mike Steck

Awesome Podcast gentlemen. This is why you deserve continual support! An observation. Just watch Shiffrin make her 2 errors…they talk about athletic pressures and mental games, and you brought up the head games needed in F1. I don’t think people realize 9outside the sport) how much strength this takes. I watched Shiffrin after her second attempt and crashing out, so visibly shaken and shocked that this has caused her to rethink the last 14 years of dedication and her own ability. She said that on camera. Because she is human. So F1 drivers are human too, and so the thought… Read more »