Lewis just needs time to beat Nico

It’s just going to take time. That’s usually the case in life and so to is it the case with Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes.

After having a difficult Monaco Grand Prix, Hamilton said he needed to get his “$&!% together” and while I understand his point, I do believe he’s being a little critical of himself. I do believe that Lewis would say that he, of all people, needs to be the most critical of his performance and he’s right but he wasn’t that far off the pace in Monaco.

The fine folks at AUTOSPORT put the question to team boss Ross Brawn and he feels the disparity between Monaco-winner Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton is really just a time issue:

“I think it is quite a subtle thing, but it will just be time quite frankly” Brawn said.

“It is just working out how the driver communicates, how you understand what it is he wants to achieve, how you tune the car to suit his needs

“[Hamilton] might vary from Nico in terms of what he is looking for.

“Nico has been with the team four or five years and he knows exactly what buttons to press.

“Lewis is developing his understanding of that; of what person to go to if you want to discuss that, or who you go to if you want to debate certain aspects of the car.

“We have a very good group, very experienced people, working with Lewis. It just takes a bit of time.”

I tend to think Ross is correct on this one but I will offer one takeaway—Nico Rosberg was also teamed with a 7-time champion in Michael Schumacher and had the measure of him all three years as teammates.

You could suggest that Schumacher was coming out of retirement and offer reasons—that I would concede to—but the reality is that teammates are the best measurement of any driver and Nico has had the measure of Schumacher and Hamilton.

Are we quick to marginalize the skill and talent of Rosberg by suggesting that he’s just had his feet on the desk at Mercedes and Lewis is new and needs time? Perhaps, but like the time Brawn has giving Hamilton to come up to par with Rosberg, I also believe it is that same time that could expose Rosberg for what he is… a damn fine driver and talented young man.

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