Lewis marginalizes Ron, ‘Martin is my boss’

Still no contract announcement for Lewis Hamilton at McLaren but Ron Dennis did weigh in again on the issue. You’ll recall that Dennis said that the current contract was done under different economic conditions and that Hamilton would have to be realistic about his asking price. This weekend it seem Dennis is commenting again on the contract when asked 5 Live BBC:

“no reason Lewis won’t be driving our cars in the future”. Dennis said, “I think people get the wrong impression though, as when I last looked at the contract I was paying him. It’s a question of whether we employ him, not the other way around.”

Hamilton said he has not signed anything yet and that his agent, Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment, would speak with him over the summer about his contract. That seems very casual and highly unlikely that the duo have not chatted about it as Fuller was in Germany for the race last weekend but Lewis says no, they didn’t chat about his contract:

“When he [Fuller] came, we didn’t speak about it once. We are relaxed at the moment,” Hamilton said. “At some stage he will sit down and speak to me over the summer.”

Perhaps the key comment came from Hamilton when asked what his thoughts were regarding Ron’s comments. The Guardian has the story:

 “I don’t even know what he has been saying, so I don’t know what questions he has been asked, so it’s not really for me to comment on. It has nothing to do with me particularly, what he says,” he noted, before concluding: “Martin is my boss.”

That seems an interesting thing to say even if it is technically true because Martin’s boss happens to be Ron Dennis. Ron has been somewhat cavalier in his comments in the press about the Hamilton contract situation and Lewis’s marginalization of Ron’s role in his contract talks is equally intriguing. It’s all just contract negotiation bravado, of course, but an interesting side of this element of Formula One. At this point, where would Lewis go if not McLaren?


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