Lewis, Prince and a $100K guitar

If you are a Prince fan, like I am, then you’re most likely shocked and saddened to learn of his passing. Prince’s music touched the lives of millions of fans and one fan in particular.

Lewis Hamilton may be a Formula 1 driver but he also has a strong interest in music, the music business and making music. We haven’t heard his recorded works yet but he has taught himself to play some guitar and has his own recording studio.

He also, as it happens, has one of Prince’s Fender Strats and bought it for $100,000. I must have missed that story when it happened and as a guitar player and fan of Prince, I’m a little surprised I did. It was in the press at the time and I have no clue what I was doing but I completely missed it.

Fender were paying tribute to the musical icon today and posted the video. I was watching it and waiting to see the Strat he had and there he was…Lewis Hamilton. Who knew?

I can understand Lewis’s sentiment, Prince was a musician in every sense of the word. Owning one of his strats would be a real honor and the proceeds were for charity.


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