Lewis spends 2 days on Yamaha WSBK at Jerez

Lewis Hamilton love motorcycles and MotoGP and sometimes the feelings are reciprocated by MotoGP riders and Formula 1. Perhaps no surprise that a guy who worked with MV Agusta for a Lewis model would end up the track at Jerez doing some laps with instructors (Alex Lowes) and other folks honing their motorcycle chops.

Lewis was spotted on an all-black bike with his number (44) on it and running through instructor-led laps honing his skills. What probably wasn’t planned was a spill Lewis took while riding which resulted in a damaged bike but he was unhurt and able to continue riding.

Makes me slightly nervous when F1 drivers go racing around on WSBK style bikes after Michael Schumacher’s incident many years ago. It’s an intriguing thought but precious few have made the jump either way and chief among them is John Surtees.

As Gazzetta dello Sport points out, this is most likely just one stop on many off-season adventures Lewis normally takes and there’s no doubt we’ll being some winter sports action shots on his Instagram account soon.

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Meh, good for him if he gets the opportunity, I would take it too. Although I suspect that Toto may not share my opinion.


Darn. I was hoping he tried moto-cross . Nothing would be better than seeing a mud covered Lewis that had just been roosted. No fashion here. We all wear dirt.

Tom Firth

Nice to see Crescent Racing, Yamaha and World Superbikes getting some love from an F1 star. Plus who doesn’t fall off a superbike now and again heh.