Lewis tells fans to back off conspiracy talk

Amid the open letters, veiled conspiracy talk and social media mobocracy, Lewis Hamilton has posted a message to his fans via Facebook asking for folks to chill on the whole conspiracy silliness:

Dear All,

I want you to know how grateful I am for all of your support. I’d like to ask that you please trust in my team, as I do. This is my family. These guys have been the greatest, hardest working people for me, and that is why I am now 3x World Champion. Please don’t put any more thought into my team doing anything unjust towards me, and understand that it would be in no ones best interest for that to be the case. We’ve had the best 3 years together, and whilst it’s not going to plan right now, all will unfold in its own time. I trust these guys 1000% and my mechanics are incredible, the best in the business. I respect them so please do the same. They are the guys that are going to make winning this championship possible.

Thank you once again.

It seems the open letter from Mercedes was met with about as much head-scratching as the initial conspiracy goofiness and now, as I predicted here, Mercedes has opened a can of worms and Lewis has come to the rescue to get the team out of the mud it finds itself.

The conspiracy was nonsense to begin with and a team such as Mercedes should know that better than anyone. An open letter offering hugs all round was always going to be met with a raised eyebrow and now Lewis has taken initiative or been asked to use his social media powers for good instead of evil by asking his army fans to back off on the accusations the team are purposefully scuttling his championship bid in 2016.

The accusations came fast and furious after Lewis himself dog-whistled possible opportunity or motives for the conspiracy but now he’s “1,000%” behind the team. In fairness, I believe he’s always been behind his team be it 100% or 1,000% (which I’m not sure how one achieves a greater commitment than 100% but I’ll leave that for the mathematicians).

There’s more going on int he Red Bull camp than there is inside Mercedes at the moment but you know how #TeamLH can get when they feel put upon.

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Dennis Tirch

Lewis can support them 1000% because he spends any given day and night attending events in 10 time zones, backing the team in each time zone 100% – hence the jet setting ways of the Formula 1 champ provide spacetime bending capacity for superhuman support. And here we were, thinking it was all about champagne, Lion tattoos and instagram models!

Negative Camber

I knew there was some math(s) I was forgetting.


I preceded the old days when drivers understood basic percentages.

Sir Stirlig Moss, when he was really pushing would describe his driving as nine tenths. Then most of the time if he went off the track there was a cliff edge, a steep drop or some other solid unforgiving object to hit, he needed the spare capacity to cope when something broke on the car.


Really nice to see lewis sticking up for his mechanics and team. Remember this the next time you throw “Petulant” accusations around.

Negative Camber

Don’t be petulant. ;) I always use the term Prolific when speaking of Lewis, not petulant. :)

charlie white

Both the team and Lewis do themselves no favors by even addressing this
issue. They simply need to go about the business of racing and winning
and let the Internet/social media words swirl around them. By even
talking about it publicly, they only fan the fires by even acknowledging
the issue.


No ways Lewis said that of his own accord. Doubtless one of the five ‘Nico mechanics’ hacked his account, or Toto forced him to do it!
Watch LH’s eye in his next interviews, he’ll be blinking morse code messages to tell his faithful fans the truth!
Merc are out to stop him winning, I know it 1,001%!!!!!!!!!


What is a “Facebook?”


Having watched F1 for the last 15 years, I’ve seen how teams can and will mess with their drivers cars for the worse. You’ve seen it when Hamilton told Maclaren he was leaving. This notion that Mercedes isn’t f-ing with Hamilton’s car is insulting the intelligence of the fans. Everybody knows the only way Hamiltons teammates can beat him is when Hamiltons car has issues. I’ve stopped watching F1 because of this BS. You can keep believing that Mercedes isn’t messing up Hamiltons car and you can keep believing in the tooth fairy as well. Not me. And I don’t… Read more »