Lewis would always defend title, Toto doesn’t want to interfere

If you keep asking Lewis Hamilton about Nico Rosberg’s retirement, it seems he’ll keep coming up with new ways to have a dig at the 2016 World Champion. Lewis said:

“It’s a shame that he’s not around to fight to take it back,” three-time champion Hamilton said.

“That’s his choice and I respect his decision. Go out on top while you can.

“I have a different viewpoint. I won the championship the past two years and I gave an opportunity each year to have another shot at it for someone.

“That’s how I am. I consistently believe in my ability and what I can do each year so even if I was to win again, most likely I would give another opportunity.

“I love racing and I love going out there and being challenged by different competitors.

“We’ve been racing for 18 years so it’s not the worst scenario for me.”

Oddly, it seems that Lewis is the driver who is having the more difficult time dealing with the world title win and sudden retirement by Rosberg. For Nico, he won and is now looking to do something else with his career which is certainly his right. Defending a title is not obligatory nor does it make you any less deserving of the title you have. 

In defense of Lewis, the questions keep coming to him so the more the press seek his comments, the more he’s sharing them. Lewis doesn’t like being beaten and perhaps he’d like to chance to repay Nico by wresting the title away from him but that chance, it seems, is not going to happen.

Who to hire?

As for Nico’s replacement, speculation is flying with Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, Pascal Wehrlein and more being suggested. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said:

“It’s not my intention to interfere with Ferrari’s internal issues,” Wolff told Gazzetta Dello Sport.

“And I don’t even know if Sebastian really has the intention to come to us.

“It’s the same thing [with Alonso]: what would Ferrari and McLaren do without Vettel and Alonso in December?

“Or Williams without [Valtteri] Bottas? [That] option is the one I like the least.”

However Wolff did concede his phone had been running hot since Friday’s news.

“I’ve been bombarded with phone calls,” he said.

“I’ve been called by 80% of the F1 drivers. Who hasn’t done so, [Kimi] Raikkonen and [Daniil] Kvyat, didn’t just because they don’t have my number!”

Time will tell but right now, just about everyone is being offered as a possible candidate to drive with Lewis at Mercedes. 


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I wonder what Fraser Sheader is doing these days?

Tom Firth

Backing the rather impressive looking Lando Norris among other young drivers as a manager.


Nice to see that a driver who ran out of money rather than talent is still actively involved in the sport.

Tom Firth

Indeed, and he may of found someone in Lando Norris. Certainly one to watch in the next few years. Dominated British F4 and Renault NEC, plus a great drive in Macau. Well worth keeping an eye on.


Took the TRS in NZ this year too. Competing in TRS put Lance Stroll’s career on a rapid trajectory to F1, might work from Lando too?

Tom Firth

Hmm possibly. TRS is a very good winter series, doesn’t often translate too well to what the future brings though. Stroll had other more significant reasons.


Lando’s dad might be minted too ;-)


Maybe Mercedes is looking also a bit outside of F1, in case they can’t get the driver from inside F1 they want. Audi just set a few good drivers free. Ok, Lotterer got already swooped up by Porsche. And I’m sure they got also a calls from people like Felix da Costa. Who ever it will be, it will be interesting next year. Despite all the drama, I always found the situation between Lewis and Nico was manageable for Mercedes, because both knew each other forever and had a friendship as foundation. With any other driver (remember Alonso?), the situation… Read more »


How about he’s hurting cos retiring to spend more time with his pooch wouldn’t cut it ;-)

Paul KieferJr

There’s a pretty solid argument for Werhlein.

Tickled Pink

Mick Schumacher, age 17


Don’t let NC fool you folks, I saw images of NC at Daytona testing a Ferrari AND talking in deep discussion with none other than Maurizio Arrivabene. Op’eds on LH & Toto are all just pre-season mind tricks to attempt to throw Merc off their game. Sure, there were 1000 other drivers there, but all part of the smokescreen.




Todd aka NegativeCamber.


So NC in at Ferrari, Vettel out and looking for a seat? Maybe Mercedes take pity and give him the #2 role?
I can see that playing out.


I know it will never happen but I would love to see a Lewis-Vettel battle is the same kit.


I’m no Lewis fan-boy, I was rooting for Nico the whole season. That said, IMO, Lewis would beat Seb most of the time. Seb doesn’t do particularly well over the long when he’s under pressure. It gets to him and he makes mistakes. He’s shown that over an over again.


Is Hamilton confusing F1 with boxing?
And by his logic should he be retiring now? He tried to defend his title, lost it, surely he has to go??????


As I posted on another thread (shockwaves), I think they look to Formula E. Buemi, di Grassi, JEV, Bird. Proven ability and experience. Alonso and Vettel are unlikely, and probably not very desirable from a personality and checkbook point of view. Checo and Lewis would get on like gasoline and matches. Hulkenberg is cursed. Grosjean and Sainz are good choices, but might be difficult to get and expensive. Bottas doesn’t rate in my book.


How many of the Formula E drivers have the necessary super license points?


di Grassi, Buemi, Prost, Piquet, Bird. Possibly more.