Lewis’s edge | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 783

Join Grace and me as we discuss what everyone is discussing…has Lewis Hamilton lost his edge? Is the old guard moving out and are the new young guns moving in? We discuss that as well as the FIA’s new power flex and much more.

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So it makes me wonder if your discussion and expertise (“metrics”) should be listened to at MB, Lewis, and others. Intelligent and very meaningful analysis.


Due to the corporate pressure from Merc,
Toto needed a scapegoat for losing the WDC, he found that in Masi.

Let’s also be aware that Masi was about to sue the pants of the FIA for unfair dismissal, so it’s no surprise that they considering bringing Masi back, albeit in a different role.

Xean Drury

Even though I do think Hamilton has lost his edge from prime, I also think that this car simply suits George better, much like Ricciardo at McLaren. However, I also think the psychological damage from the loss of WDC and getting beat by the young up-start is taking it’s toll race by race. Unless HAM can exorcise these demons soon, then he will be the trusty old vet who can reliably finish a race well, but will not be the top dog in the team. As you said, Merc has an identity crisis on their hands: Tried n True, or… Read more »