Lewis’s ‘skiing’ pics creates a backlash

Lewis Hamilton must have a love/hate relationship with Social Media. His tweets on Twitter have landed him in hot water when he posted telemetry from his car and then accused Jenson Button of “un-following” him. He drops the F-bomb and obligatory “WTF” with aplomb and now it seems he’s caught the eye of a few folks on Instagram for posting skiing pictures and in light of 7-time champion Michael Schumacher’s recent accident, it didn’t sit well with viewers.

Let’s give the guy a break folks, the pictures on his Instagram page says they were posted 5 days ago so it could most likely have been posted before Schumacher’s accident on the 29th of December. I doubt very much that Lewis was sending a message or being a a jerk.

Sure, the timing isn’t the best but really people, slating Hamilton for posting fun winter vacation pictures with his brother is a little over the top.

Have fun Lewis and be safe.

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