LG Sponso…uh, is “involved” in F1?

If you found a sporting series that you wanted to be involved in and support with resources, money and marketing campaigns, would you call that a type of sponsorship? Just asking. That’s what I would call it but Mr. Ecclestone isn’t. No, LG is in a relationship with F1 but don’t call it a “sponsor”. He doesn’t like that.

“I don’t like the word ‘sponsor’,” F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone insisted during a press conference in London.

“It makes it sound as though we need help, which is not the case. What I’m much happier about is that we’re able to use a lot of the technology from LG.”

If I were LG, I would be telling everyone that would listen that in fact, we are “sponsoring” F1. So there!!

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