Liberty Media relax social media use in Barcelona

Lewis Hamilton said last week that he was hoping the new owners of Formula 1, Liberty Media, would relax their position on the use of social media within the F1 paddock. As a prolific social media user, Hamilton has built a brand around his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages and he’s keen to continue bringing his fans closer to the action.

Any use of video from the paddock has been traditionally banned and only those broadcast companies who pay for the privilege of shooting video in the paddock are allowed. Traditionally F1’s content has been viewed as it most valuable asset but now Liberty Media have granted the teams a short-video format for use on social media at this week’s first test session of 2017.

With the freedom to exploit digital media platforms, teams have been posting short videos of their cars leaving the garages and some quick interviews already.

I’m slightly confused as the first test is an official FIA session but hasn’t traditionally been a Formula One Management event and in the past, more media were allowed in the paddock than a typical F1 race. In the past, more content from varying sources has usually come from the testing session. Regardless, perhaps the first test is a good test bed for Liberty to explore how the teams would use digital media if allowed.

Liberty Media know better than most what their true assets are but they may view digital media use as an opportunity to allow teams to exploit the platform and promote the sport, not necessarily give away valuable content.

Autosport reports that they understand further communications regarding guidelines for digital media use will be forthcoming and that Liberty Media are keen to find a more liberal use of the platforms.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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The march through the 20th Century… into the 21st… has begun.

Hail Caesar.

charlie white

Unless FOM was actually broadcasting the test sessions, it should had been like this from the beginning. Let the teams and drivers do their part in promoting themselves and the sport to the world! I’ll take what I can get and not have any of it pass through the myopic filter of US broadcaster NBCSN.