Liuzzi to drive Pamela Anderson’s new GT team

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So…seriously…what do you do after your time on Baywatch is over and your 15 minutes of fame in a sex tape with Tommy Lee is a long forgotten dream? Why…you go racin’ that’s what!

Race Alliance by Pamela Anderson will field a Ferrari 458 for the last three races in the FIA GT series with Pam as the team principal. Let’s hope it does better than last year’s Downforce1 by Pamela Anderson.

Just when you wondered what Tonio Liuzzi was up to lately, now you know. He’ll be driving the car along with Nikki Lauda’s son, Mathias. According to AUTOSPORT, the team are setting their sights on NASCAR…and why not?

“We want to make Race Alliance a recognisable name and have looked for the best drivers possible,” he said. “The plan is to contest the full FIA GT Series next year, as well as the Nurburgring 24 Hours, and then look to NASCAR after that.”

Ok, whatever.


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