Loeb and Germany retain titles in ROC

Sebastien Loeb and the German duo of Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel have secured the ROC titles for Individual and Nations events. Vettel and Schumacher were a daunting team and While Mattias Ekstrom had brought the event to a best of three with his defeat of Vettel it was Schumacher who eventually beat Ekstrom in the third event claiming the title.

There are always a lot of “if’s” in F1 but should Sebastian Vettel become the driver many think he will, the pairing of Schumacher and Vettel may be a historical moment in both their lives. Both drove brilliantly and held the title for Germany.

Loeb on the other hand made it clear that Rally drivers, specifically French Rally drivers, do very well at this race. At one point during the first round when he clouted the barrier and drive completely underneath only to emerge on the other side, chase down Yvan Muller and win the round. It was the best comeback of the night. If there is a measuring stick for your performance at the ROC; Loeb has become that stick…and rightfully so.

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