Look out! A US team or simple Facebook fun?

Some things start from modest beginnings and fail. Other things start from modest beginnings and succeed. It depends on a host of issues that contribute to the nuance that makes managed success an achievable goal. In 2010 the stillborn USF1 would be a fine example of the former and are most likely still our there somewhere licking their wounds steeped in legal hot water attempting to assuage attorney’s and things like leases and debt.

But that has nothing to do with a new group banging on about their position as a US-based motorsport group of professionals intent on competing in F1 for 2011. Yes, you heard that correctly, the Cypher Group is a US-based group of people seeking entry in the 2011 F1 season and have made application or at least contact with the FIA about that very goal. In fact, they are most assuredly serious as their Facebook page declares. Even stating that Speed TV’s Bob Varsha will mention them on this Sunday’s report. Fair enough, I reserve terse judgment.

The team, unless I am bereft of computer skills and it is eluding Google, has no website but it does claim a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account.

Now color me reactionary but I kind of rely on that old school thought that a team, company, organization should have a website as well as dipping their toe in social media but perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps I am too old to understand the absolute legitimacy of a FB and Twitter account equaling professional representation of a organization.

Rumor has it that the group has former USF1 folks involved but that is conjecture on my part. Like USF1, I will suspend my disbelief although Cypher has not only got say they are a new team seeking entry, they have to build a car and overcome the disaster and lack of trust the USF1 operation created. That’s not fair to Cypher but it is a stigma they will face. Like the USF1 effect on forums, rabid nationals ran amok and who knows if Cypher can get a strong following behind the very notion of a US team.

Some of the comments on their FB page seem to intimate they understand what it takes in racing and that’s sponsors and cash. Something they do not confirm they have. Either this is a great hoax by a few malcontent fans or USF1 ex-patriates having a go at everyone via FB or it is a group of folks bereft of the idea that having money and sponsors in the beginning is important to actually building something other than a toaster or carbon fiber nose.

As it is, I would be incredibly callous to castigate the group now and bury them before they’re born. I suspect I owe them the courtesy of suspending my disbelief like I did with USF1 until such time as they field a car on the 2011 grid or complete McDonald’s applications for Fry Boss (that Chad guy never showed up to his first shift as shake maker and salad wrangler). Either way, I wait and ponder the oddity that is F1 by Facebook and Twitter.

Post Script~ I used to work for a phone company but that doesn’t suggest I should launch a FB page with a few disgruntled former phone company employees and tell the world I’m heading to compete with AT&T. Just saying…

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