Look out!…Pastor is talking to F1 teams about 2017

Just when you thought you had seen the back of Pastor Maldonado, an enterprising young man named Lawrence Barretto at AUTOSPORT decided it might be a good time to chat up Pastor about his aspirations of returning the Formula 1.

Maldonado was/is backed by PDVSA and when the Renault buyout of Lotus happened, there were some issues over missed payment prompting Renault, many feel wisely, to terminate their contract with Maldonado.

Money talks in F1 and if that wasn’t the case, you might not have seen a reserve driver winning the Indy 500 but due to pay-driver scenarios in racing, the most remote chances have come true. Rio Haryanto, Pastor, Palmer, and even the great Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher paid for a ride when they got started. Sure, it may not be as pervasive as it is now but it has existed for a long time.

Could Pastor make his way back? If he has $40m in backing like many say he had before, then there may be a team willing to listen. Manor and Sauber come to mind as teams who may like an infusion of that kind of cash. Pastor is no rookie, he spent five years in F1 but he feels he just hasn’t had the right chance to show what he can do:

“I never had the car to show my talent,” he said. “When I was with Williams, we won a race and 2012 was a good season.

“But the other two seasons were not so good and at Lotus, it was a bit the same – I never had a chance to be at a good level.

“I would like a good car, maybe not the best but a car that allows me to show my potential and be in the points regularly.”

I have to think there isn’t a driver on the grid from 7th down that doesn’t feel the same way. They all would like to have the best car but that is where the pay-driver scenario becomes less attractive. Mercedes and Ferrari aren’t interested in paying drivers and I doubt Red Bull and even Williams F1 these days are too keen to seek that kind of strategy to bankroll their racing operation. I’m not even sure Force India is incredibly motivated to kick out Sergio Perez or Nico Hulkenberg for Maldonado.

Let’s be honest, I haven’t been able to show what I can do in F1 because I haven’t been given the opportunity whether in the car or working in the paddock. How’s that sound? In fact, you, the reader, probably haven’t been given the chance to show just what you can do either.

At this point, I think PDVSA might get more brand traction by sponsoring our website than Pastor’s racing career.


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Logical move would be Sauber. I could see that happening.


Especially with the Monaco incident, at least he doesn’t wipe out his own team mate with selective hearing


If wishes and buts were candy and nut’s we’d all crash into a wall.


Pastor is an indicator in F1. Any team he signs with is desperate.


The level of cognitive dissonance is amazing. He never had the car do demonstrate his talent? He spent five years in front of arguably the best judges of driver talent in the world. They know the difference between car and driver. The terms Crashtor and doing a Maldonado are universally used to describe the red mist he brings to the track. With Venezuela’s current economic situation does he really have the sponsorship or is he dreaming on that front too?


Any team that signs him would do it – at least in part – for the PDVSA money. But with the current state Venezuela is in, will there be any PDVSA money to be had? I’d be really surprised to see Pastor on the grid in the future.


That would be my question too, can PDVSA afford to bankroll Pastor again?
But more importantly would Todd be prepared to switch to ‘Burn’ or ‘Frescolita’ if Venezuela accepted his offer for them to sponsor F1B – the official F1 blog of the Madonator!!!!!!


If anyone does sign them, they should make sure that there’s a clause about him paying extra for the bits that he breaks.


Paying? He (part) owns the carbon fiber company!


GO, 13 !