Lotus confident of buyout, drivers less so

Lotus F1 CEO, Mathew Carter, believes that the Renault deal will get done but just in case, the team are working on two car designs: One for a Mercedes power unit (PU) and the other for a Renault PU.

In a Q&A at Formula 1’s website, the CEO says he is positive things are moving in the right direction and that Renault would be the majority owner and run the Team as Renault as early as 2016.

Perhaps the question you’re all wanting to know is just how excited is Louts F1 about their drivers heading into 2016?

Q: The lack of a clear outlook for Lotus obviously contributed to Romain Grosjean signing with Haas for 2016. How big a regret is that on your side?

MC: Romain is a great driver and he has been with us for a long time. He is very professional and he always delivers for the team and I don’t know the ins and outs of his deal with Haas, but as far as I can see he is looking for a new challenge. He goes with our blessing – and hopefully we can move on with Jolyon (Palmer) and Pastor (Maldonado) next year the way that we want to.

Q: But isn’t that a rather challenging pairing? Pastor Maldonado and rookie Jolyon Palmer?

MC: Ha, I don’t know. Jolyon is obviously the GP2 champion of 2014 and has worked with us all year this year and he has been brilliant. The GP2 champions have to find themselves a Formula One seat! And he has to get the chance to prove himself next season. On the other hand Pastor has been in the sport for a long time. We know how quick Pastor can be…

Q: … but we also know something else…

MC: … he has an unfortunate reputation sometimes that follows him around. But we know how fast he can be. We see that in the simulator and on his one-lap pace. Between the two of them I think they will be a strong pairing.

Ok, seems legit. I mean…we know how fast he can be.

Hat Tip: F1.com

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Mike S

I love the ellipsis…
A: ‘We all know how fast Pastor can be…’
Q: ‘…but we also know something else…’
A: ‘…he has an unfortunate reputation that follows him around.’

Kinda like a carbon-fiber shard-cloud?


We all know how much cash Pastor can bring…