Lotus, Cosworth part ways…Renault in line?

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There have been some rumblings of late about a Lotus move from Cosworth engines and today’s tweet by Lotus boss Tony Fernandes raised eyebrows even further:

jarno retired gearbox. oh well . making decsions easier

It seems the deal has been done according to AUTOSPORT and this is rumored to pave the way for an all-new supply of Renault engines, gearboxes and transmissions for 2011.

What do you think? Good move or bad move? Is Renault taking up a Lotus supply because they’re losing Red Bull? Is this the best option for Lotus? Should Tony Fernandes just buy the Lotus Group and have Toyota build the lumps for him? Maybe Red Bull is going to Mercedes because Ron Dennis has a new lump that is adopting the MP-12C Ricardo/McLaren engine? Or maybe it’s nothing and Lotus are just being added to the Renault supply list along with Red Bull.


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