Lotus F1 is locked out in Brazil, Manor possibly bought out in US

The financial impact of the new Formula 1 is still showing signs of lingering impact as Lotus F1 has been locked out of their garage area in Brazil due to what appears to be some “commercial arrangement” according to the delightful Mr. Noble at Motorsport.com.

The team says they are confident it will be resolved and that they will be ready come Friday’s practice session. No mystery here that the team have struggled financially all season long with a current Q&A over at F1.com with CEO Mathew Carter saying he felt confident the Renault buyout would happen and that the team would move forward.

Speaking of buyouts, it has been all about the Tavo in recent weeks as the former COTA and USGP dreamer/instigator and current Mexican GP hero is now focused on possibly buying the Manor GP team. This would be the same team that recently secured a Mercedes power unit supply deal for 2016 and then promptly lost its executive, John Booth and Graeme Lowden, along with technical guru Bob Bell.

According to AUTOSPORT, the buyout would need to happen before January or February or Tavo will lose interest.

“It would never be our goal to compete with the manufacturer teams,” added Hellmund.

“We’re never going to spend $400 million a year like Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren, but we think you can run it respectably and not be in the red. I think you can fight for fifth.”

Just to keep things salty, Tavo Hellmund says that he’d like Dale Jr. to drive his car but he admitted that Alexander Rossi might be a good pick too.

Hat TiP: Motorsport and AUTOSPORT

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Jeffrey Weber

That part about Dale Jr. sounds like it came from The Onion…

Negative Camber

What better way to get headlines that attach big names to your comments? Only thing bigger would have been if he said Danica. :)


Even he himself seemed to say it like that in the interview!

Patrick Chapman

I find it strange that Genni Capitol would allow their staff to go through that kind of hardship and embarasment. It seems that this has become par for the course at recent events. What must the new staff like Bob Bell and the Renault staff that have come on board according to recent articles think? As for the Tavo/Manor rumors, I have said this previously and I am still waiting to see Mercs reaction to all this. According to Toto, there is a clause in the Merc/Manor engine supply deal that says that if the team is sold,then Merc reserves… Read more »


I think the Lotus story is a lot simpler than it seems. Rich guys successful in one area think they are so smart they can do anything. From the Facebook guy thinking he can fix American schools right on down, they fly too close to the sun all the time. Here’s a hint – if you name yourself ‘group of geniuses’ you are starting to lose perspective and a big fall is looming. No place will expose your arrogance faster than F1.

Paul KieferJr

I think we can all agree that a half-ton Formula 1 car is very different from a one-and-a-half ton NASCAR machine.

Patrick Chapman

One and a half tons! Is that really what a Nascar machine ways? It’s no wonder that you guys have never come over here and blown us away. You need to tell Nascar about carbon fiber and titanium and aluminium. Heck, you chaps can’t even spell that one correctly LOL Now I am finally beginning to understand why the “Bruce and Denny Show” was so successful. (and I think that you are a little light on the F! weight)


Even more – about 1 3/4 ton.

PS Nothing from nothing, but if we Americans are going to be taken to task for our spelling, you might note measures of mass are spelled ‘weighs’ rather than ‘ways’.

Patrick Chapman

Touche! Not something I am normally guilty of. Would you believe that I put that in there just to test you guys? I mean I did get weight right, right. No I didn’t think so LOL I’m getting really old.



Tom Firth

Comparing the weight of a NASCAR Gen 6 car to a single seater, or LMP1 car etc is pointless. Makes far more sense to compare it to a Tin Top at least.

Compare it to a GTE entrant, GT3 entrant or a TC1 touring car at between 1100 and 1350 KG’s and the 1500KG (something like) Gen 6 NASCAR doesn’t seem that much heavier, when take into account fuel weight additionally etc.

Mike S

hmmm…maybe if they have that kind of investment capital, thye should buy COTA interests from current investors and to ensure we actually have a FIA sanctioned track in the USA.

John The Race Fan

Laugh all you want about Joonyer. He has the one element that any US driver will need to truly implant Formula 1 in the US consciousness: Fan base. In the roundy-round circles, Dale Jr. has Hamilton-esque levels of popularity. JuneBug is a rock star. So is Hamilton, or at least he parties like one. And that’s what sparks the interest of the average American: Some bad boy mixing it up with supermodels at the club and bouncing their million-dollar hypercar into parked cars the night before they’re supposed to fly to a race. Whether or not it cheapens the sport… Read more »