Lotus F1 return the favor, poach Ferrari’s aero man

Things are getting personal between Ferrari and Lotus F1 these days. Last week Kimi Raikkonen announced that he would join his former Lotus F1 team member, James Allison, at Ferrari for 2014. If that wasn’t challenging enough, Ferrari also poached Dirk de Beer leaving a hole in the aerodynamics department of Lotus but the little team that could, despite having pockets full of cash, has retaliated.

According to AUTOSPORT, Lotus F1 have convinced Ferrari aero man Nicolas Hennel to leave Maranello and join the black and gold team. Hennel had been at Ferrari for a year and came from McLaren and Renault .

The 2013 Silly Season has been more lucrative for technical personnel than it has been for driver changes. Sure, Red Bull’s Mark Webber is leaving and Daniel Ricciardo is replacing him. Kimi Raikkonen is moving but in the end, the 2014 regulations are so daunting that teams are scrambling for the best technical advantage they can find.

Ferrari’s interest in Lotus F1’s drivers and personnel almost seems like a mission. At this rate they may just hire all the key personnel and leave Lotus F1 with a nice, black chassis to sit and look at. However, Lotus F1 may have just freed ups some much needed cash, while watching the tail lights of Kimi Raikkonen, in order to replace the technical wonks.



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