Lotus F1’s Boullier: Time to get off Grosjean’s case!

Lotus F1 team boss Eric Boullier says its time to get off of Romain Grosjean’s case about the seven first-lap accidents he’s had this season. The French driver made a good showing of it in Korea last week and Boullier reckons this is a good time to stop the scathing reviews and comments that saw Red Bull’s Mark Webber call Romain a “first lap nutcase”. Boullier said:

“It’s definitely time for us to draw the line and move on, but more importantly it’s also time for Romain to put it in the past for himself,” Boullier said.

“Despite a lot of pressure, he drove a good clean race in Korea and I fully believe he now understands what he needs to do to avoid these things in the future. Romain’s target for the rest of the season is clear – to build on the platform he created in the last race and help the team push for maximum points in the last four races.”

It’s hard to forget seven  first-lap accidents and the drivers involved would most likely agree…especially Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso. It is racing, after all, and Grosjean knows how to win…he’s just used to short, quick races and needs to get his head in the comfort zone of a 70-lap race.  The Frenchman put together a nice race for Korea and can build upon that. The pressing issue is supporting his teammate Kimi Raikkonen in scoring as many points as they can for the final races and surely Grosjean is up for that challenge.


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