Lotus gets stylish with Henri-Lloyd

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What better place to announce a new sponsorship of a Formula One team than at a London Boat Show? That’s what Henri-Lloyd did this week as they proudly announced their association with Lotus F1.

Eric Boullier, Team Principal, Lotus F1 Team:
“Henri-Lloyd is a fantastic brand which shares the same passion and ambition as Lotus F1 Team. That our distinctive colours will be represented in the high streets with a quality range of clothing is great for the team, great for Henri-Lloyd and great for discerning consumers. The long journey to Melbourne for the first race of the season will be all the more stylish for us. We look forward to growing this partnership over the coming years.”

Paul Strzelecki, Joint Chief Executive of Henri-Lloyd:
“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Lotus F1 Team, a team that reflects our proud British heritage, product technology and innovation. We are very excited about our future together and wish the team every success in the 2013 season”

Lotus F1 continue to bring in big sponsors such as Microsoft, Coke and now Henri-Lloyd keeping the dream of fighting for the front alive. I’ve been continually impressed with how a smaller team with a smaller budget has been able to attract large sponsors whereas other teams such as Williams F1, Sauber and even McLaren or Ferrari have seemed to wane in recent years from bringing big names into the sport as a sponsor.

Sure, maybe Vodafone is paying a big enough chunk of change that McLaren don’t need any more sponsors but that seem antithetical to the process if you can bring in another big name for your team.

Good on Lotus and let’s hope they continue to find space on the car for yet more sponsors to keep their development in lock-step with the big boys. While Mr. Henri passed away a little more than a year ago, his brand lives on and the reputation of using technology and creating clothing for specific duties, such as sailing, will be an interesting fit for a team like Lotus F1. Wonder if they will have a shirt made for ice cream eating?

Who has a closet full of Henri-Lloyd out there and what do you think of the clothing? Will Kimi look good with the laurel on?


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