Lotus thinks it can hang with the big boys


After the team’s 2-3 finish this past weekend in Bahrain, Lotus is feeling pretty OK.

Or so team leaders tell Autosport. First, trackside operations guy Alan Permane:

“There is no doubt we have shown promise all year and we have been saying it will come, it will come, and it has.

“We have had a decent straightforward race, and not screwed up the strategy.

“We’ve demonstrated the car is quick and I think we can be quick just about anywhere. We know our weakness, which is low speed, traction and stuff like that, but we are very happy with the car in higher and medium speeds.”

And then there’s team principal Eric Boullier:

“Sometimes things don’t work, and this is why we built up this frustration in the first three races. This weekend it went fine and we had no glitches. There was even a little bit of a gamble on [tyre] strategy but it worked.”

On whether the team had finally got everything together: “I don’t know for definite. There is the weather, and the temperature is better for us and better for our car.

“I think at the first three races we were trying to combine everything and make the whole machine work together, which is never easy when you start the season, and never easy when you change both drivers.

“But everybody now starts to know each other, and work better. And also the drivers: they were not in F1 for the last two years so they needed to be up to speed as well, and now I think they are.”

The future’s so bring, Eric’s got to wear shades, in other words.

Do you think Lotus will stay in the mix all season?

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