Love ‘Cars’? Here’s you chance to live it up

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From time to time, the movie — I guess it’s movies, now? — “Cars” enters our discussions. Lots of you seem to love it, or love sharing it with your kids. (Or so you say.)

So, in the interest of this topic, here’s news: Disney has opened a “Cars Land” at its Disney California Adventure park in Southern California.

This is the park that, if you don’t recall, pretty well fell flat on its opening and has been revamped. And judging by this review in the Los Angeles Times, this part of the update is pretty successful. (Note: Yes, the Times reviewed a new part of a Disney amusement park. Gotta problem with that?)

Here are some details:

“The enveloping and breathtaking new 12-acre land takes you to another world and makes you forget that the Anaheim Convention Center is just behind the towering, man-made mountain range.

“While most people will approach the new land from the impressive photo-op entrance along Route 66, I prefer entering from the Pacific Wharf food court area, where you can truly appreciate the immense scope of the immersive 125-foot-tall Cadillac Range. It’s almost as if the 280,000-square-foot, crescent-shaped rock-work mountain reaches out and hugs you.

“The last time I was this impressed by a theme park land was when I walked into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando.”

Another quick note: Yes, this reporter apparently has the amusement park beat. Rough, huh? On with the show:

“Convertible sports cars zip by on a nearby track with an audible vroom. The smell of fresh-baked pie emanates from the tables at Flo’s diner. Even the manhole covers bear the RS insignia of Radiator Springs. At night the street shimmers with an irresistible neon glow that makes you want to move into the isolated desert town and call it home. A nightly neon lighting moment will be accompanied by the 1950s doo-wop hit “Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream).”


The new land features three rides, two that are wonderful and one that’s less so. The surprisingly spry Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree is a classic whip ride on a spinning teacup platform that packs a wallop. The disappointing Luigi’s Flying Tires is a docile re-creation of the 1960s Flying Saucers ride in Tomorrowland. And Radiator Springs Racers combines a dark ride with a drag-race finale in one of the best attractions you’ll find at any Disney park.”

The park opens on Friday. The reporter suggests letting the first wave of humanity through before trying it out for yourself. So, maybe those interested can schedule a late summer vacation with the family?


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