Love Spa? Then gird yourself… but at least Tilke has good news from Korea

Alternately, this post could be: A tale of two circuits.

The worst of times might be coming from that lovely little circuit where Formula 1 once again put on a great show — without any special help from gimmicks, high-tech hotels or even Bernie Ecclestone.

Spa might only run every other year, according to a Flemish report at, which the BBC has highlighted. As is usual with reports from that part of the world, I defer to Mark Hallam about the substance, but the BBC does give it a certain stamp of approval. The every other year swap would be with the Nurburging.

That would start opening up spots for the U.S. Grand Prix, a possible New York-area race and all the others — India, Russia, Mars — that Bernie keeps tossing around to our dismay.

Now, before you cry into your bowl of Chocolate Cherrios (which I just this past weekend saw existed!), the best of times track news is that Korea — the circuit that is never destined to be — will be. And that according to one Hermann Tilke!

Who has this big, breaking bit of news? None other than the ATT-Williams site. Strangely:

Circuit architect Hermann Tilke is at Spa-Francorchamps this weekend and he has some news: “Korea will be ready,” he says. “I’ve read some negative stories in the press and I can tell you that we’ll be there on 24 October. The weather has delayed construction a bit, but we’re on schedule to get everything finished on time.”

I’m glad we can quit worrying about that!

But back to Spa. Has anyone else heard such rumors? And could you stomach an F1 calendar that went to Spa just once every two years?

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