Luca: If not for all those stupid drivers, Fernando would have a comfy lead

I’m not saying that Ferrari’s president, Luca di Montezemolo, is blaming other drivers for Fernando Alonso’s not having a bigger lead in the Formula 1 driver’s title race.

He’s saying it.

“We know we can count on the strongest driver around at the moment and it’s only mistakes from others at Spa and again at Suzuka, that have prevented him from having a more comfortable lead over his rivals,” Luca said, according to Ferrari’s website. “Let’s not forget that, but for those two collisions, today Fernando would have had at least 30 points more and that’s a conservative estimate. In sport, as in life, the wheel turns and we must not forget that: recently, it has not done so in a positive way for us, but it does not take much for it to change direction.”

In other words: That’s racing.

Luca’s definitely not saying that Ferrari is throwing in the towel.

“It’s at times like these that I want to see the Ferrari I know,” Montezemolo added. “A team that is focused and that holds its nerve. I will speak to Fernando by phone soon to give him even more motivation with which to tackle these last five races, with the bit between his teeth, as indeed I expect all the team to do. Yesterday’s second place for Felipe was very important in this final part of the season when his contribution is even more vital. I expect a huge effort from our engineers who have already shown they are capable of that and we are perfectly aware that this championship is still in our hands.”

I suppose Sebastian Vettel and Christian Horner might have a thing or two to say in response.

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on this weekend’s race in Korea, but Ferrari has had a fair amount of success at the two races held there. And, according to Technical Director Pat Fry, the tire compounds should work in Ferrari’s favor.

“In Korea we will be running Pirelli’s Soft and Supersoft tyres, with which we have usually been successful in finding a good balance on the car,” so we can expect to have another good race, although how competitive we are will depend on how each team has progressed with the development of its car,” Fry said. “One also has to factor in the way some circuits are better suited to certain cars than others. Throughout this season, no real pattern has emerged to help predict who will be quick where: recently McLaren put together a string of three very strong races, but in Suzuka, we were a match for them, while Red Bull always seem to go well in Japan.”

Here’s my crazy, Pre-Korea thought: Check the standings, you’ll find Alonso just ahead of Vettel, 194 points to 190. If those two get too caught up in each other’s business, who could slip in?

The guy standing in third: Kimi Raikkonen. That would be an awesome story heading to season’s end.

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