Ma Qing Hua too fast for Austin

You can’t blame Ma Qing Hua for trying. The Shanghai-born driver took part in the first practice session at the United States Grand Prix today and was unfortunately caught speeding in pit lane.

It’s an exciting moment for him and you can forgive the exuberance but not the 2,000 euros the team was fined for the infraction. When HRT announced that he would be participating, Ma Qing Hua said:

“It’s fantastic to be able to step back into the car for a free practice session and to do so at a new circuit for every team and driver makes it even more special and fun. Being the first out on track to help the team is a great responsibility and I want to thank them again for the opportunity they’re giving me. Little by little I’m racking up more miles and gaining the necessary experience to grow as a driver, and the continuity I’m getting is also important to help my confidence. Last week I was in Shanghai and received a lot of support from my country, which makes me work even harder to be prepared for any challenge”.”

If you were going to start the weekend off on the right note, HRT being too fast is better than the alternative. With rumors swirling about a possible sale of the team, its nice to see this young driver get a chance at the wheel.


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