This from Autosport/Atlas F1. Max is not taking it personally but he unleashes a scathing invective on Paul and the teams. Oddly, Paul ran at Indy; why is his panties in a bunch?

“Stoddart is a sad case,” Mosley told the newspaper. “I helped him tremendously when the other teams were trying to steal his money. But now my reaction is that he’s obviously forgotten to take his medication.”
Despite the scorn, Mosley claimed the battle was not a personal one but rather a question of governance, and he ruled out the teams taking action such as boycotting further races.
“For me it’s not personal,” the Briton said. “There is only animosity over who should run the sport. On the one hand I’m saying it’s the FIA and they think it should be the teams. When I was one of them I thought the same.
“But the governing body will always win. So I’m not concerned if they take an antagonistic line. What are they going to do? If they go on strike, they’re simply cutting off their nose to spite their face. That won’t happen.
“Only those who don’t understand the system believe they can do it – and that’s only two or three team principals. The rest understand that the governing body has to control the sport; it doesn’t have to be me personally.
“If they’d just kept quiet, I would’ve probably gone already.”
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