Magnussen speaking to Renault about Pastor’s seat

The announcement that Joylon Palmer and Pastor Maldonado would be driving for Lotus was made some time ago and presumably after a continued arrangement for PDVSA money, Maldonado would live to see another season. I’ve no way of knowing when and if that money was due and paid but there are reports that erstwhile F1 driver Kevin Magnussen was recently seen at the Enstone factory speaking with new owner, Renault, about a ride.

One could presume that he’s discussing a role for 2017 and a reserve role for 2016 or, as the article states, he could be discussing replacing Maldonado over PDVSA concerns, the price of oil and tumult in Venezuela at the moment.

Renault haven’t made any driver announcements since acquiring the team for a Pound and most weren’t expecting it as both Palmer and Pastor had money attached to their deals as paying drivers. There would be few F1 fans who would question the logic of jettisoning Maldonado for Magnussen even if it meant you missed out on PDVSA money or had to cut a check back to them.

At this point, Renault is back in the sport and I can’t imagine that they need a paying driver with a big wallet as their veteran role at the team for car development. Perhaps they feel getting back to the program of winning is what they need to do and losing Romain Grosjean stung so why not pick up Kevin?

Kevin is a good choice and handy driver having cut his teeth in F1 already and could be a veteran role for Renault…at least until Romain comes back.

Hat Tip: Telegraph

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Paul KieferJr

However, if one follows along, you know that Renault hadn’t made any announcements concerning either Maldo or Palmer ever since they bought out the Lotus team. Ergo, I didn’t think either of their seats were secure. Renault’s discussions with Magnussen makes those seats even less secure.

Dr T

Flavio hasn’t made an announcement…


That’s strange, I wonder what’s causing all the accidents

Dr T

That’s strange, I wonder why all the accidents stopped!?!?!?


From my understanding, Palmer is also a pay driver. As he probably brings less to the team than Maldonado, it may be his seat that is at risk.


Sure that would be the logic thing to say, but this is F1 where there will be no moment wasted to write negative about Maldonado.


I hope Maldonado stays. F1 needs a villain :)


I think of him more as goofy than a villain.


I don’t read any reason why it couldn’t be Palmer loosing his seat? That would make a lot more sense as PDVSA has already paid the sponsorship in September 2015 for this year. The season hasn’t even started or the negative framing on Maldonado has already begun…


That’s because Maldonado deserves to be negative framed


He certainly cleaned up his act last year, and he hadn’t been hit by loose cannons like Nasr, Bottas, Button, Verstappen, Massa, Verstappen, Grosjean, Hulkenberg, and even Alonso, he’d have scored Lotus a truck load of points. I’m picking that with Renault power and collision warning radar 2016 could be Pastor’s best season since his GP2 series win in 2010.


Yes that’s completely right! Therefor I really hope he’ll get another chance this year with a competitive Renault. Last year he was so extremely unlucky, he really deserves another shot to show what he is capable of.


Hi Baziz, I’ve been waiting for you to weigh in on the ‘Maldonado out’ story. Posters are being a bit hard on Pastor, and some balance on his positives. And maybe some news on where will go now.


Well you’ll wont be surprised I’m really gutted by this… even when there were so many rumours I kept believing he was 100% sure to race. There hasn’t been much information what the official reason was for the separation with Renault, probably sponsor budget related. His management made clear they do not pursue a drive at Manor (I think they would be a perfect match actually) and start looking for a drive in F1 in 2017. It will be very hard to return on the grid after a year at the side lines, especially without a sponsor). But of course… Read more »


I thought you’d be disappointed. I wonder why he’s not looking at a Manor seat, it looks like they could be a lot further up the grid next season. Maybe PDVSA are very hard up for cash? Hopefully he can find a decent drive somewhere, I still look back at his performance in 2012 ( not just the Spanish GP win) and wonder why he wasn’t able to perform that well in the following seasons.


Yes I think that might be the case. Manor has attracted some quality personnel and they will be running the Mercedes engine. I expect them to be faster than the Renault, at least at the start of the season. But there were also some key-members that left in December so It would be a big gamble, but if I was in his shoes it would absolutely be a risk to take. From what I read Manor expects the drivers to bring at least 10 million on sponsors and I guess Pastor just hasn’t got that backing (any more) and so… Read more »


I was seen at Woolworths last week and no, guys, there is no truth to the rumor that I will be driving one of their delivery vans next year.

Andreas Möller

Of course, both Maldonado and Palmer seem to be bringing money to the team, as I assume Kevin (to some degree) would too. So it doesn’t automatically have to be Maldonado’s seat that may be up for grabs. But according to BBC – – PDVSA is now several weeks late with the payment, and giving Kevin a guided tour of the facilities (and leaking it to the media) might be a way to put pressure on them. Or Renault is genuinely interested in Kevin, which to me would be the best explanation – he deserves better than spending his… Read more »