Maldonado fined 10,000 Euro for Perez clash


Williams F1 driver Pastor Maldonado is beginning to get a bit of a reputation lately. Two weeks ago the Venezuelan driver hada  clash with McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton. Today he did it again during the British Grand Prix with Sauber driver Sergio Perez and garnered yet another penalty from race stewards equally 10,000 Euros. Maldonado says this time was different, he simply lost control telling AUTOSPORT:

“I think it was unlucky this time because I lost the car on the entry to the corner, right on the apex with the front and then the rear,” Maldonado said.

“It was before I got to the kerb, and it was after I came out of the pits with DRS open. I did the braking on DRS, and I even braked before my normal braking point, and the reason [for the accident is] I think because the angle I had on the inside of the corner was not enough for the tyre conditions.”

If I’m honest, it didn’t look too different than the move he put on Lewis Hamilton two weeks ago in Valencia but I’ll let you share your thoughts on what you think of the incident and the fine. This also isn’t the first time the two drivers have come together as you’ll recall the practice incident in Monaco when Maldonado cut across Perez at Portier.  That also received a penalty of 10-grid spots. Leave your opinion in the comment section below. Was the fine right? Was it a racing incident?

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