Maldonado would rather drive couch than current Williams

There is no doubt the Williams F1 car is not having the best year in 2013. It has proven to be uncompetitive and very difficult to drive. It’s a shame as the 2012 resurgence they experienced with new engine partner, Renault, had everyone excited for a real return to form.

Now it seems that their paying driver, Pastor Maldonado, would rather sit at home than drive a car such as this. He told AUTOSPORT:

“I really need a good car to enjoy it, and this year I’m not enjoying it,” Maldonado told AUTOSPORT.

“I’m living a really bad moment and I need some motivation to keep doing my best. I want something more. I’m here for something more.

“I don’t want to just be in Formula 1, to be honest. It’s better to stay at home, if it’s like that.

“I don’t care about being a Formula 1 driver, I’m here to win and I need to do whatever it takes to be there.”

It is no doubt difficult to drive and stay motivated when you are running at the back of the pack…something Caterham and Marussia drivers have had to do since entering Formula 1. It must be equally difficult to know that you are being backed by PDVSA of Venezuela and while that cash has secured your ride, it is unclear just how long they will continue to subsidize mediocrity so Pastor himself has pressure unseen and those memories of the Spanish GP win have faded.

There was talk of a move to Lotus F1 but of late, outgoing Ferrari driver Felipe Massa and Sauber driver Nico Hulenberg have been rumored to be the odds on favorites. Where does this leave Maldonado? It’s a tough market and if McLaren were not keen to speak with Hulkenberg, then it looks unlikely they would chat up Maldonado unless they really wanted that PDVSA relationship.

What do you think the future looks like for Pastor and Williams?

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