Manor will now focus on 2016 car instead

Reading between the lines earlier this week about Manor/Marussia speaking with Mercedes about an engine supply perhaps added more clarity to the possibility of Ferrari supplying Red Bull than it did Manor gaining a new engine supplier.

Regardless, what we all thought was in the works was a new chassis from the team but it seems they will now run 2014 Ferrari engines and a hybrid chassis or b-spec 2014 chassis for the remainder of the season. According to AUTOSPORT:

“The plan we had at the start of the year envisaged making some major change to the chassis and power unit during the 2015 season,” Manor sporting director Graeme Lowdon said.

“But as we developed and recruited more people, it became less and less feasible to go down that route and more and more advantageous to keep developing the next chassis.

“The rate of development of that chassis has been good and the optimum time to push that button was getting pushed back.

“Everyone is confident that when next car comes along, it will be a major step forward.

“I would imagine that is going to be next year. We’re in flyaways now and with the production time and everything else, doing it this year would be tough.”

It’s an interesting situation given that the team was near bankruptcy at the beginning of the season and narrowly was allowed to participate in 2015.

It’s perhaps no secret that F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was nonplussed with the teams actions regarding fielding an old chassis and old engine so much so that the series is set to meet and discuss this very issue of running last year’s cars or engines.

The announcement that they will now not have a new car in 2015 is most likely no surprise to Mr. E but nonetheless, it’s possible it could create some ill feelings about the entire situation as Mr. E may be many things but not one to be duped or have the wool pulled over his eyes and that’s a tad what this seems like.

I wonder what comments may be made out of this new revelation?


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charlie white

Are they going to build this new 2016 car using Lego bricks? Seriously, what about those creditors owed money from the Marussia time? How can they afford Mercedes-Benz/AMG power units next year when they could only get 1-year old Ferrari engines this year? I can’t help but believe the team is the secret recipient of the Ecclestone welfare program, just to keep the 2015 car count at 18. I’m surprised they lasted this long into the season.

Tom Firth

Surprise! O yeah .. right. If theoretically the energy man, does manage to pull a magic energizer bunny from a hat, and get’s Mercedes power next year, I guess it helps make the engine quota theory I was looking at, make a tiny bit more sense, even if it still shows that Ferrari and Mercedes are supplying all but two teams on the grid. My theory includes Ferrari also taking the Toro Rosso contract from Renault, which may or may not happen but if it does, it means Ferrari become the most popular engine on the grid for ’16. Mercedes,… Read more »

Andreas Möller

So the teams (or is it FIA/FOM?) will meet to discuss the running of last year’s engine packages? I bet McLaren would want to be in on that… :-)


Subtle, but funny – nice work Andreas