Manor/Marussia keeping eye on Haas F1

As we get closer to 2016, inevitably we’ll be speaking more about Haas F1’s entry into Formula 1. In fact, Manor GP is already talking about them and a little wary of what they may accomplish in their first season.

The sport’s 2015 proverbial backmarker, Manor GP, has suggested that they do have their eye on Haas as a potential threat right out of the box in 2016. The reason? It may have something to do with the way in which Haas has approached his F1 involvement sailing close to the wind on the regulations regarding customer cars. Manor’s sporting director, Graeme Lowdon said:

“Yes, that’s right.

“From what I can see the team coming in next year has gone about making a Formula 1 car in a very different way to everybody else.

“When they do fall under the rules at some stage it will be interesting to see how all that progression goes.

“But we have to focus on what we can do within the rules, and try and be as competitive as we can for next year.

“We are developing the next car. What I am happy about is the progress on it does look really good, so that gives everybody energy to push forward.

“As you know the races come thick and fast [over the second half of this season] so we can’t be complacent, and equally we can’t wait around for performance to come.

“We have to keep pushing as much as we can, keep trying to add speed, and just see how the second half of the season pans out.”

The innuendo here is that Haas have skirted the issue and bought a Dallara chassis and full Ferrari technical package including the engine (Power Unit) and transmission etc. Here in the states, we’d almost call that a “Kit Car” from days of old.

Realistically, some US-based F1 fans are certainly expecting Haas F1 to start the season off better than Manor and would love to see the team give Sauber or Lotus some hassle but that may not be adequately considered logic given the huge task at hand.

Unlike other investors who bought teams that were going concerns, Haas F1 has chosen to roll his own and create all the logistics details and coordination from scratch and leaning on suppliers and kind folks in the paddock to ask and learn from. They’ve also hired F1 insiders from other teams to help smooth the bumps in the road.

I suspect Haas F1 will do well to get their operation mobile, attending races and cars fielded for the green flag. I also suspect they will give Manor GP a real hassle as well and I am one of the US-based fans that wonder if they may not do even better than that given their strong technical partnerships. Time will tell.


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Tim C

I’m of the opinion that Haas F1 will do much better than many people think . . . or at least I hope they will. With the drive train coming from Ferrari, they will definitely have the “shove” part of the equation in place. The chassis part . . . well, that remains to be seen. Will Haas F1 be fighting for wins and podiums? I think we can all agree the answer to that is “no”. However, will they be knocking on the door of the mid-field teams, I’m thinking “yes”. It may take most of the year to… Read more »

George Something

I personally think that Manor will do much better than people think last year. They could be on par with Sauber.I think they will be ahead of Haas next year.


I think Haas will struggle. If you look at the latest new teams, their main issue was getting everything together, while speed was also far away, but even then Lotus, with experienced people had huge issues with getting the cars to work reliably and then experienced first hand how much not having any data to go on hurts. For Haas, while they have an incredibly solid technical partnership, which helps with the technical stuff as well as potentially giving them a shortcut to race data, they will face incredibly complexity, have their HQ in the US, they have their main… Read more »


They will have a Ferrari power unit, just like Sauber and Manor. While the works team is competitive, their customers have not had access to the in season developments to help remain competitive. Perhaps Haas will be different, but Ferrari doesn’t usually give its customers equality with the works outfit.

Alianora La Canta

I think Haas will have a hard 2016… …but a rather easier 2017 and 2018 (until the lack of development hits them at the second half of each season), I don’t think Gene will be scared off by the tough season, and I’ve not seen any BAR-spec hubris from his team, so I think Manor is right to worry now. By the time Haas is a threat to them, hopefully Manor will have caught up with the rest of the field, meaning we can have a really exciting tussle between at least 3 teams at the back of the grid.

Junipero Mariano

With 11 teams now, the fight for “Team-I’m-Not-Last” will probably get real interesting! Maybe even more sponsorship involvement. It’s a win-win!