Manor’s new car due in August

My big idea of seeing Manor GP face off with Force India on track most likely isn’t going to happen. Sure, I thought that if Force India wasn’t going to get their new 2015 B-spec chassis up and running before the Austrian Grand Prix that Manor could come out with their new 2015 chassis replete with Ferrari shove and take the fight to Vijay Mallya’s Indian team.

Those silly predictions are most likely just me talking out of my backside because according to Manor, they were always shooting for the August mid-summer break to release their new car:

“For the 2015 car, our aim has always been for the August break,” said team boss John Booth.

“As with arriving in Australia, it is a very aggressive target and will take a lot of achieving.

“But when we get back from these first four flyaway races we just really need to sit down and see if we can bring all the areas together that need bringing together to achieve that in that timeframe.”

That will be just in time to compete in the nine final races of a 19-race schedule in 2015. That is also when the other teams will be knee-deep in their 2016 car designs and it makes you wonder if Manor isn’t really just developing a 2016 chassis for early release…okay, I’m just putting a positive spin on things.

It would have been fun to see Manor’s 2015 car take on Force India’s 2014 B-spec car. Also makes you wonder if F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone knew this was the timing for a new car because that seems like a very long lead time to a competitive chassis.


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Alianora La Canta

It’s hardly surprising for a team that’s basically having to start from scratch, has a tiny staff and trying to design and build a new car in a space that (from what I saw when I visited it) is smaller than a typical supermarket. Sure, a team with a massive staff and regular-sized factory with full facilities and lots of money can do a new car in under 100 days. That’s not a set of luxuries Manor has.

Tim C.

If Manor was smart, they absolutely should be developing the August car as the basis for their 2016 challenger. What better way to get data than to run their new car during the last 9 races. Anything they learn during those 9 races can be used to update the car over the winter. They would definitely come out of the box in 2016 better prepared.


Where the heck are the building this car again? Didnt they lose their garage to Haas?

Paul KieferJr

I’m sure they have other places somewhere.


The only address listed for them is in Dinnington, South Yorkshire. This isn’t the location that was sold to Haas, which is in Banbury (much closer to the rest of the F1 teams and suppliers in the UK).