Marbles: A 2014 engine regulation opinion


Ed. Note~ We’ve certainly had our share of negativity regarding the proposed 2014 engine regulations changes so it was an intriguing notion to have our resident F1B reader and wonderful Australian f1 sycophant, Adam Vella, weigh in on the “pro” side of the argument. Sure, he’s an F1 fan and that means noise but Adam decided that he could reconcile the changes with faith in F1 technical wizards and the promise of more power for his road car. Here then are his thoughts.

It’s so hard sometimes to understand all the technical details of new regulations that come and go from Formula 1 so I have tried to simplify it for the everyday F1 fan in the hopes that they can better understand.

It’s an interesting topic as how do you improve and keep pushing technology without compromising the most important aspect to Formula 1, Noise and speed.
The new 1.6lt V6 engine is set to become more efficient than ever, and with the current rules not allowing refuelling you need better engines to manage fuel. The better the fuel consumption the less fuel in the car the less it weighs the faster you can go thus maybe allowing you to win the title.

The new engine will be set to a maximum of 15,000rpm down 4000rpm from current regulations. Even though there is a reduction in rpm this doesn’t mean that the cars are going to sound any quieter than with the current V8. I can say that the engine noise to me is the most important element of formula 1—if a shiver doesn’t go down your spine when a F1 car goes past then you are not experiencing Formula 1.

However the biggest benefit is to the end user or consumer. When the technology trickles down the line to the everyday car allowing engines to get more power from less fuel, that is when we will benefit. Most new car buyers want power but not the fuel tag to goes with it.

Engine regulations have changed so much over the last 30yrs, however no matter what engine they use or develop it will always better than the last one. Also with KERS being better developed we won’t be seeing a decrease in lap times as the FIA might increase the power that KERS puts out to compensate for the smaller engine .

If rules and regulations weren’t always modified and tweaked Formula 1 would just become another motor sport which is capped in time i.e. some American/European series. So I am for engine developments as long as the fundamentals of the sport are always at heart when decisions are being made.

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