March is back!

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I have been advocating the return of a customer car supplier for the current F1 series. One of the things I most appreciate about Max Mosley is his creation of March at a time that the series needed it. Ken Tyrrell and Jackie Stewart were among some of the greats to use the March equipment. The team was not just a customer car supplier, however, as they competed with their own kit for the title. It was a legacy that is noteworthy and I have suggested that a company that can provide the kinds of kit for current teams makes sense now instead of the budget cap, two-tier nonsense.

Max seems to be working on this as he commissioned Cosworth to provide a $5MM lump for the series and several teams have already signed on to the program. Now it is the chassis that remains to be seen and while many existing teams are against customer cars; it may be time to allow them. March would have been a good avenue to provide a chassis for the new teams who wish to compete with the Cosworth shove in the back. A chassis supplier with a Cosworth lump makes sense as long as that package can compete with McLaren and Ferrari…which these days may not be too difficult. It’s the Brawn GP cars we need to worry about.

Irrespective, it is nice to see March come out of mothball status and pony up the dosh to enter the series. It will be interesting the see if they make their own chassis or buy one from someone else….or is that even legal based upon 2010 regulations? Can a team like USF1 buy a Cosworth and a chassis from Lola?

March now join its rivals Prodrive, Lola, Team Superfund, Team US F1, Litespeed, Epsilon Euskadi and Campos Meta1 for entry in the F1 series for 2010.


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