Mark Webber Speaks On Max Mosley Affair

Mark Webber has spoken out on the Max Mosley affair.

There have been many former racers who have spoken publicly about the Max Mosley sex scandal but Mark Webber is the first to go public telling BBC Sport:

“The current scandal has brought the sport into disrepute. “Whether we like it or not, all of us in F1 are role models, and F1 simply cannot have scandals of this type…It makes it difficult when any of these sorts of scandals are involved, when they become public. It will be more challenging for him to do his role.”

Mark senses the lack of comments from current teams and drivers is because they are waiting until the FIA vote on June 3rd.

“I think they are waiting for the extraordinary meeting to take place. A lot of people are sitting on the fence and waiting for the right protocol to happen. And I’m sure on the 4 June there will be a lot more reaction.”

Always one to speak his mind on and off the track, Mark could be giving us all an insight to how the majority of the field feels about the issue at hand but are waiting to express.  Then again, he may be a minority in his views.  Either way, he has spoken publicly and weighed in on a subject that most have not had the gumption to mention.

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