Mark Webber’s real motive


Accusing Williams’s poor performance as the prime mover for his departure; Mark Webber has maintained that he will finish the season for Sir Frank.  Mark is quoted as saying he will “continue to show up for Mark Webber”.  Uh…thanks, I guess.

Perhaps I am overreacting to this comment, after all Mark’s abstemious way of life has given me reason to believe that he has not been the benefactor of his relationship with Williams F1.  I find the rhetoric a bit much considering that Mark has not impressed many with his erratic driving style and dive-bombing moves or his performance against similarly experienced teammates.
Now I am no misanthropist who disdains Mark for his very human nature but I think it is a bit high handed to smack Sir Frank across the cheek as you watch the ink dry on the RBR contract.  Williams made a valiant effort to field a competitive car.  It is a shame the DNF’s came when they did, arguably every race, and the frustration Mark must feel is paramount but I also think integrity and character has a chance to bow out politely.  Mark could take the high road and respect the fact that Sir Frank has limitations just like everyone else.  It was a partnership that Mark chose to be a part of.  I cannot recall Schumacher publicly complaining about Ferrari in such a similar manner.  The difference is that Michael is part of the team and there as a team; Mark is apparently showing up for Mark Webber.  Until that mentality changes, I suggest Mark will continue sating his own machinations and never achieve a complete team success.

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